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Marine Refrigeration

Bird Electrical offers all Marine Refrigeration service from repairs to small systems to design and installation of larger systems for private or commercial vessels.   Marine refrigeration can be complex and systems vary considerably depending upon the size and type of the system and the type and size of the vessel.   Systems can fail abruptly or can lose efficiency because of a gas leak or a faulty component.  Bird Electrical specialises in slow gas leaks causing refrigeration that is not quite working to specifications.   An inefficient refrigeration system can be hard on house batteries as the system tends to make the compressor run for a longer period than a very efficient system.   Some systems use a compressor run from the engine and these systems can also lose gas, causing a loss of efficiency where the refrigerator does not quite cool as it should.   If you have this type of problem, Bird Electrical has the knowledge and experience to satisfy your refrigeration needs across this broad spectrum of requirements.

We are keen to speak to you about all marine fridges and freezers from your portable esky fridge to your larger Eutectic style fridge.  We can resolve all electrical faults, repair or replace leaking or faulty refrigeration components and ensure gas levels are in accordance with the system specifications.

We can assist no matter what the issue with your Marine refrigeration as no job is too big or too small.  Bird Electrical can supply and install many different brands of refrigeration systems.  We can design a system for your specific needs and install it in accordance with your needs.

Please contact our Marine Refrigeration specialists today as we are very keen to help.

Bird Electrical is fully licenced to carry out comprehensive Electrical and Refrigeration repairs or system installation for your Marine requirements.

Electrical Contractors licence: 306275C

Refrigerant Handling License: L135481

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation: AU 42778