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Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller fitted to this 40ft Flybridge Cruiser.

Yacht Controller provides the premium wireless remote control for your yacht’s positioning systems.   Full control of thrusters, engines and gearboxes allows the skipper to be at the very best vantage point for safe and stress free docking.    Bird Electrical has installed more yacht Controllers than any other distributer in NSW and has the experience and product knowledge to advise you on the best system for your yacht.

Yacht controller seamlessly integrates with most major brands of propulsion equipment so installation on most craft is a well established procedure.

Yacht Controller have been developing their product for 15 years and have drawn on that depth of experience to provide the very best human interface for the remote control.

We can carry out installations from Sydney Harbour, North Sydney, Pittwater, Hawkesbury River to the Central Coast.

For more information on Yacht Controller products please visit their website.