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Garmin releases Satellite Compass MSC-10

Garmin Satellite Compass

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Garmin just released a new Garmin Satellite Compass for more accurate navigation.   The Garmin MSC-10 gives precision navigation without needing adjustment for Deviation or Variation compensation as it doesn’t rely on the earth’s magnetic field for direction finding.    It triangulates quickly using many satellites to provide outstanding positional and directional accuracy.

This compass provides dynamic heave information indicating the vertical movement of the vessel.   Like a gyrocompass but without the high cost, the satellite compass is not dependant on a magnetic field so is not influenced by the earth’s magnetic variation or by the vessels magnetic influence of deviation.   This compass is an extremely cost effective but highly accurate navigational aid.    The MSC-10 interfaces to other Garmin equipment through the NMEA2000 network.    It just looks like another NMEA2000 device on the network and requires no calibration before it can be effectively used.  The satellite compass can provide attitude and heading information.   The attitude information provides roll, pitch and heave as an added bonus when using this latest technology compass.

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For exceptional navigational accuracy without concern for magnetic influences, this compass is an extremely cost effective solution.  Please contact Peter for more information and how you can take advantage of this newest addition to the Garmin product lineup.


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