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Ruuvi temperature sensors for Victron

Ruuvi Sensor

An innovative way to monitor the temperature of your onboard devices is the Ruuvi temperature sensors.  The Ruuvi sensor can now integrate directly to the Victron Cerbo GX product.  That means the temperature can be seen on the Victron VRM (Virtual Remote Monitoring) for fridges or freezers by simply putting the Ruuvi sensor in the fridge or freezer.      Bluetooth connectivity means no wires to be run and instant access to the temperature of your devices or areas in your boat.   Preset alarm limits can also be set to allow email alerts in case the temperature changes from your preset parameters.   The Ruuvi sensors can measure from -40 to +85 degrees.

Never be left wondering if your refrigerators or freezers are ok on your boat.  Simply add the Ruuvi sensors and you can monitor the temperatures from anywhere in the world.

Talk to Peter about including this simple but valuable function to your Victron installation.   Ruuvi sensors are in stock right now.

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Ruuvi Pro Sensor

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