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Why use an Authorised Garmin Supplier?

Garmin dealer

Why use an authorised Garmin dealer ?   

Well, we were recently approached by a client who was intent on removing his Garmin equipment from his relatively new, large production motor yacht and replacing it with another brand.  After a year of trying to have problems resolved by the manufacturers agent, he was angry and very unhappy.   The performance of his Garmin navigation equipment was disappointing.   The problem was inaccuracy of the GPS location when in hilly terrain, showing his vessel on land when clearly it was floating!  He also had no access to the advanced functionality of the Garmin screen supplied that was promised when installed on his boat.  The equipment had been fitted as OEM from the boat manufacturer.

Problem resolved

We didn’t sell or install the equipment but we are an authorised Garmin dealer so willingly engaged on this problem.  We soon had a Garmin technical specialist on his boat.  He identified a couple of problems.  The unit should have had an external GPS antenna fitted to fix the location problem.   Also, it should have been supplied with a more advanced chart card to unleash the full power of the navigation features of the screen installed.

When Garmin technical support were engaged to resolve this ongoing problem, they isolated the problem quickly with no added cost to the customer.  The system is now working well with full functionality.   The client is now very happy with his Garmin equipment.

Garmin dealer support

Garmin provide “on water support” providing the equipment has been fitted by an authorised Garmin dealer.    The point to this story relates to the support provided by Garmin if your equipment has been installed by an authorised Garmin dealer.  Garmin have manufacturer technical support in Australia and they take this support very seriously.    As an authorised Garmin dealer we can call on that expertise if required to resolve unusual or seemingly “one off” problems that can occur on any complex system.  Please consider manufacturer support prior to purchasing navigation equipment for your boat.    

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