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Yacht Controller uses Bird Electrical as Premium NSW installation agent

Bird Electrical Yacht Controller

Bird Electrical is proud to provide sales, installation and service for Yacht Controller wireless yacht manoeuvering systems.   Bird Electrical is the premium installation agent for NSW based vessels requiring Yacht Controller services.  Peter Bird is happy to provide detailed advice on fitting a Yacht Controller to your vessel.

Reduce the anxiety from docking your vessel by having control of thrusters and engines in the palm of your hand.  Remote systems allow the skipper to be at the best vantage point for yacht control.  This allows for the best sight lines when docking in very tight locations in all conditions.

Many different hand controls are available depending upon the size and systems on your vessel.  These advanced systems have interface hardware and matching software for over 190 different boat manufacturers.  Whatever your engines or propulsion systems, Yacht Controller can interface to your vessel.

For prompt and professional advice on all aspects of yacht remote controls, please speak to Peter Bird for the best advice and the best price to suit your needs.

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